Affidavit and Documentation Services for Abroad

In Evidence Consultancy there is a separate team for documentation. The different kinds of documents are required as evidence at the time of jurisdiction or other requirement. The documentation is a legal procedure which is prepared on the Non judicial stamp paper afterward it should be attested by the Notary Public, Government of India.

Some affidavits could be used as an alternative document or equivalent document of original. These types of documents are required those who are planning to go to abroad but the original documents are missing or yet not issued. As an example, where birth certificate is required but the birth certificate is lost or yet not issued, in this case a Birth Affidavit could be prepared and duly attested by the concerned authorities, and it could be used as a birth certificate. However, some country could not recognize the affidavits but most of the countries valued affidavits.

The following Documents could be prepared and could be used in various purpose,

Rent Deed, Lease Deed, Rent Agreement, Eleven Month Rent Deed, Landlord, Tenant, Non Payment of Rent, Eviction of Tenant, Tenancy Dispute, Tenancy Termination, Rent Increase, Sub Letting, Delhi Rent Control Act, Eviction Petition, Suit for Possession, Indemnity Bond, Birth Affidavit, Marriage Affidavit, Non Marriage Affidavit, Proprietorship Deed, Partnership Deed etc.