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Documentation and Certificate Attestation Apostille Services|Embassy Legalization Process

Documentation Apostille Attestation Services

In India Certificate Attestation is required for various purposes either domestic or international. Here we provide Certificate Apostille Attestation Services for those candidates and for those Documents or Certificates which are required for Study or Job in abroad. We also provide the Attestation Services for Commercial Documents which are require to Export some products from India.

The Attestation processes are different for unlike Documents or Certificates. If the Document or Certificate is an Educational Document or Certificate then it will be attested by the Human Resource Department (HRD) or Higher Education Department of the State of issuance.

On the other side, if the Document or Certificate is a non Educational personal Document then it will be attested by Regional Attestation Center (RAC), General Administrative Department (GAD), Home Department, Secretariat, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) etc. of the respective State.

When the Document is Commercial one, and then it will be Attested by Chambers of Commerce (CoC), Govt. of India. Point to be noted that there is no constrain of the Chambers of Commerce Attestation it could be complete from anywhere in India from a Government authorized Chambers Body. Evidence Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd (ECIPL) is one of the leading Service providers in the field of Certificate or Document Attestation Services in India.

When there is Documentary requirement in abroad for higher Study or Job purpose then the candidate needs to attest their some personal Documents from Indian Government. The requirement of the Documents or Certificates are may be Educational like Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Mark Sheets or Transcripts etc. and these could be the non-Educational Documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Experience Certificate etc.

In the same time if some Company wishes to Export their Products or wishes to expand their business in abroad, then some Commercial Documents like Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Free Sale Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney (PoA) needs to be Attested and Legalized.

The personal Document or Certificate Attestation process starts from the Attestation of Notary Public after that it will be attested from the designated authority of the State Government like Human Resource Department (HRD) or Higher Education Department (HED) etc. for Educational Certificate Attestation, Home Department, General Administrative Department (GAD), Regional Attestation Center (RAC), Sub Divisional Magistrate for Non-Educational Document and Chambers of Commerce for Commercial document Attestation.

We provide Certificate and Document Apostille Services for Following Countries